Bio filler masterbatch – a smart solution for manufacturers and the environment

bio filler masterbatch

Bio filler masterbatch is invented as a consequence of the intensely increasing environmental protection trend. Bio filler masterbatch serves 2 purposes at the same time: being economically effective and friendly to the environment. EuP has also generated a biodegradable masterbatches called BiOMates. Let’s find out the properties of this product.

EuP’s Bio filler masterbatch – EuroPlas BiOMates

BiOMates is a sub-group in the filler masterbatch family. This product only differs from others masterbatches in their family its base carrier. Instead of using regular base resin such as PP, PE, PVC, etc. bio resin serves as carrier in this product. BiOMates also contains calcium carbonate powder serving as filler helping manufacturers reducing a part of input materials, hence cutting down the production costs. The CaCO3 accounted for about 75% of the filler masterbatch mixture.

EuroPlas BiOMates is compatible of PLA (polylactic acid) resin, PBS (polybutylene succinate) resin, PBAT (polybutylene adipate terephthalate) resin and TPS (thermoplastic starch) resin. All of these plastics have the origin from natural plant materials, either synthetic or renewable resources. They can be derived from renewable biomass, which are fermented plant starch, corn oil, orange peels and other plant-based materials.

bio filler masterbatch

BiOMates filler masterbatch with 100% materials are biodegradable

When products made by this masterbatchare no longer used and released, it can be decomposed (breaking down its structure) by microorganisms (e.g. soil bacteria) in the environment after 3-6 months. This result obviously less harmful to the environment than the regular masterbatches since it does not contain chemicals, especially chemicals derived from petroleum and crude oils, that cannot be digested by microorganisms.

At EuP, we provide biodegradable filler masterbatch with product code “Biomates 01 (EFBIO 76BL)”. 100% of material contributed the BiOMates is certified “OK compost” by VINCOTTE. Our products are recommended to be used at the utilization rate of 10-20% accounted for the total volume of all input materials. Loading rate is another index that should be considered and well managed during the production processes at approximately 5-20%.

Why do we need to use BiOMates filler masterbatch?

Modern life makes daily life rhythm of people become extremely hustle. We are rush all the time and tent to seek for the most convenient choices. Convenience surely helps us in saving a lot of time but on the other hands, sometimes it causes tragic effects, especially on our environment. Mother Nature has been suffered the vandalism and extended exploitation natural resources in the past few decades. This causes serious harm to the global environment, directly affects every living creatures on Earth including human. The amount of waste from both daily life and industrial production is being released into the environment keeps increasing continuously. These wastes not only harm the environment at the moment when they are released but also cause long-term consequences, directly affecting the development and stability of humanity. This situation is getting even worsen since 69% of waste is buried instead of being treated or handled properly.

Plastics, in general, and masterbatches can maintain in the environment conditions without being degraded for hundreds years. This forces all governments and global citizens to take the urgent action on saving our home – the Earth, whether cutting down the plastic usage or finding the alternative materials.

EuroPlas bio filler masterbatch – the best solutions for saving our environment

Since the global population keeps growing at a startling rate, cutting down the demands of using plastic seems to be the impossible mission. Thus, finding the disposable materials became the most vital task. Biodegradble filler masterbatch was invented as the achievement to this revolution, taking the superior benefits over regular masterbatches with lesser impacts on the environment. Aside from the degradability, biodegradable BiOMates is more advanced in not releasing carbon, methane or any other pollutants and toxics into the atmosphere when they are entered the burning or recycling processes.