EuP – Top 5 Filler Masterbatch Manufacturers In The World

EuroPlas are in top 5 greatest masterbatch manufacturer worldwide located in Vietnam with 12-years-experience in plastic industry and more than 400 engineers and experts working in 3 factories. Benefiting from the legal authority to exploit the plentiful supply of limestone materials of Vietnam, we are able to generate the annual capacity up to 350 000 tons of master batch plastic products and 60% of company’s products are distributed in over 70 countries. EuP believe we are the best choice for any seeking for a long-term filler master batch manufacturer and distributor helping you to reduce productive cost in the most effective way or to strengthen properties of the raw materials.

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Our prestigious reputation & top 5 position worldwide

Being existed in this masterbatch industry for more than 12 years, EuP is proud with our experiences and achievements that have been accumulated throughout our operations. We are confident in becoming the perfect choice for you in finding master batch solutions and applications.

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Abundantmaterial resources & unlimited masterbatch types

By owning the right to exploit and utilize the abundant natural limestone materials resources in Vietnam, we committee to every customers to bring you the best qualified filler master batch products with a wide variety of types, sizes and properties that will meet all needs you have required.

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High-class qualified masterbatch producing chains

With the most modern technologically advanced in factory and production systems, EuP products are guaranteed to meet international standards, suitable for all masterbatch plastic markets stretching from Asia to Europe and America.

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Skillful technical engineers & experts in masterbatch field

At EuP, we have a strong team with highly professional skills, whom are always friendly and willing to help you anytime. Our devoted engineers will take care all your requirements with, aiming to find out the most reasonable and time-effective solutions for each specific plastic application.

EuroPlas Services

Becoming a customer of EuroPlas, you will be served and experienced best services because we always want to bring not only top qualified product but also the convenience and joy while using products for our beloved Customers. We provide with our Customers:

  • Samples with free of charge
  • 100% master batch products are qualified before packaging and shipping
  • Competitive price and quick delivery
  • Convenience with low MOQ or customized order
  • Consistency in both one-time service and after-sales service

EuroPlas’s best qualified masterbatch product category

01. Filler Masterbatch

Filler masterbatch (also called as Taical) is the most common additive component added in plastic production and modification. Products of this group are specially formulated with super-smooth polyolefin and Calcium Carbonate in the plastic injection process that utilizing to change various characteristics of plastic or polymer resins and reduce final products cost for customers.

02. Color Masterbatch

Color masterbatch is a sub-category in masterbatch plastic field. As its name stated, color master batch aims to serve for coloring plastics. At EuP, we offer various color options for your filler master batch, from vivid and vibrant color (white, black, yellow, green, blue, brown, etc.) to transparent/opaque color and even with special effects (sparkle, metallic, pearl, granite, marble, etc.), that are generated by German technology.

03. Additive Masterbatch

Additives are an important component in the production of finished plastic products. Additive master batch of Europlas isa high-quality compound used to improve several desired features for finished plastic products such as: increase clarity of PP or PE plastic, increase smoothness and glossiness of other materials, etc. European produces and provides a wide range of plastic additive products such as: anti-UV additives, anti-stick, anti-static, optical brightening additives, etc.

04. Compound

EuP provides a number of technical resins such as ABS (7003, 3002 and 2018) and PVC (plasticized, unplasticized and anti-flame) with many special features suitable for a variety of uses, especially in high-quality required technology.

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Masterbatch Packing & Shipping Policy

EuroPlas has the most flexible packaging and shipping policy that suits the diverse needs of all customers.Delivery processes are optimized within 7 days after your order is confirmed to safe as much time as possible for Customers. Storage of EuP is always focused and maintained at the suitable standards as placing master batch in wooden pallets in dry, cool and ventilated conditions before being loaded into container to preserve highest quality of products. Our masterbatch plastic products are carefully packed in PP/PE bags at 2 distinct weights (25 kg as original size and 1100 kg as jumbo size) with detailed labels depends on requirements of clients.