Additive Masterbatches

Additive masterbatches are specialized calcium carbonate filler in order to modify various properties of the base plastic. In EuP we offer 6 selections of additive masterbatches.

Why Europlas additive masterbatches are the best choice for plastic manufacturers?

We combine additives to optimize the processing and properties of specialty and commodity of resins. At EUP, we deliver special properties of color masterbatches which are usually called as additive masterbatch that include but not limited to antistats, anti-fog, anti-flame retardant, antioxidants, fillers, foaming agents, optical brighteners, purge agents, process aids, scents, slips, release agents, UV absorbers and inhibitors.

Specialized additive masterbatches improve physical properties of plastic

Anti-UV Additive Masterbatches​

Mostly all plastic products are affected by sunlight, UV rays, heat and reaction with oxygen (oxidation) causing  some physical changes in the appearances and structures of plastics such as the formation of cracks, hence leading to the reduction in the lifetime of the products. Aiming to fight against this drawback, masterbatch producers pay numerous efforts to consolidate resins properties, particularly by using Anti UV Additive calcium carbonate filler, in the way of helping them to be least affected by UV rays and sunlight in general, keeping their lifespan last longer. 

In comparing with mental oxide powders, the UV absorption of products containing our additives is significantly improved. EuroPlas additive provides the ability of UV absorption as strong as organic UV absorbers while minimizing the re-agglomeration as the stable dispersion attribute. We guaranteed the permanent, non-degradable and non-migratory features for any of our products.

Anti UV Additive masterbatches are applicable in PVC and polyolefins producing. Their application includes:

  • HDPE injection molding, HDPE tapes, LDPE blown film or LLDPE.
  • PP fibers, PP tapes, and PP thick sections
  • Biopolymer applications
  • Film production
  • Fiber and wood material (for preventing color faded in outdoor particles)
  • Injection molding (for reducing the ability of color fading and maintaining the packaging contents functions)
Additive EM UV
Processing Aid Additive​

Processing Aid Additive masterbatches is applied for film, fiber, extrusion and injection molding.

Specialized additive masterbatches improve mechanical properties of plastic

Anti-blocking Additive

In manufacturing and processing plastic masterbatches and applications, one of the most familiar situations is the sticking between polymer film layers, which is complicated to separate of them. In this case, plastic producers prefer to use Antiblock Additive as a physical separator to prevent the adhesion of adjacent plastic layers. As the prestigious manufacturer for plastic producers, EuP Anti-blocking Additive prevents blocking and tackling circumstance within the films, coatings, and coextrusion layers production and further processing. This additive masterbatches creates an even micro-rough surface which reduces the direct contact between surfaces of plastic sheets and functions as the spacer between the film surfaces.

Our advanced technology systems have launched the best quality masterbatches reducing the adhesion between the surfaces of polymer films. Anti-blocking additives of EuroPlas also ensures higher film clarity with lower usage levels. These special characteristics are maintained even in high temperature, high pressure conditions or during the products processing periods. EuP anti-blocking calcium carbonate filler additives are widely applied in in the production of film packing for PE film packing, CPP, BOPP film.

Additive EM C03 _CON03

Anti-static Additive Masterbatches

In manufacturing plastics, static electricity has become a severe problem, since there were a few masterbatches are highly insulated. Europlas Anti-static Additives calcium carbonate filler is produced from anti-static materials. It is used mainly to eliminate spark discharges and to minimize or prevent the accumulation of surface dust and dirt, consequently helping the production process more efficient.


  • Automotive industry: anti-static additives masterbatches are used in fuel systems, e lectrical and electronic parts, and engine components.
  • Electronic industry: for electronic goods such as computer, printers, photocopiers and other office equipment, etc.
  • Packaging: food packages, medical devices and supplies.

Specialized additive masterbatches improve appearance of plastics​

Optical Brightener Additive

Europlas Optical Brightener (OB) Additive is commonly added in polymers for the several functions such as reducing yellow appearance on the products’ surface, improving whiteness, and enhancing the brightness for polymers. This additive masterbatches contain highly concentrated brightener chemicals which improve whiteness and bring bright look for finished products. In addition, the use of this additive calcium carbonate filler gives smooth and glossy surface of film. Optical Brightener Additive can be the addition in other plastics’ compositions like PP, PE, ABS, etc.

Clarifying Additive Masterbatches

In the process of manufacturing and processing plastic products, some unwanted agents can affect the glossiness of the product. Europlas Clarifying Additive is a good solution to improve the glossiness of plastic products. In addition, our Clarifying Additive enhance the hardness, making the product better shaped. It helps improve the glossiness of the membrane surface.

optical brightening masterbatches

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