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We’re an experience Masterbatch Manufacturer that builds the best products, located in Vietnam

Masterbatch manufacturer history

The EuroPlas Joint Stock Company history simply started at a surprising encounter between EuP founder – Mr. Hoang Quoc Huy – and his friend on a flight. The conversation of two passionate people about patriotism and desire to exploit Vietnamese advantages had opened a new vision and determine missions of EuP on the way to bring the beauty of natural Vietnamese mineral to the world.

Consequently, EuP was born in September 2007 aiming to become the leading masterbatch manufacturer with the ability to create and deliver the most effective solutions in purpose of optimizing profits for various businesses in this plastic industry. Additionally we want to provide products with both quality and safety contributing the society.

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After 9 years since establishment, EuP was honor to take a spot in top 5 biggest masterbatch manufacturer and supplier in the world. This position has been preserved and maintained since then with numerous efforts form everyone in the company.

We truly understand this achievement came not only from effort of more than 400 employees, conscious management of the Board of Directors and huge investment in modern production chain systems but also from precious chance to cooperate with many customers and suppliers worldwide over years.  

Above all, we treasure our unique material sources – high-calcium crystalline limestone deposits in Vietnam formed over millions years ago. With abundant reserves and highest quality confirmed by French geologists over 100 years ago, we are confident in masterbatch manufacturing and supplying any type of products. Taking those limestone mountains as a piece in our logo, we would like to thank Mother Nature as offering us this valuable resources and this is also our commitment in products’ quality to each customers.

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Core Values

At EuroPlas, we established 3 core values acting as standards for us to make any decisions and activities throughout the development of the company as being top 5 masterbatch manufacturer in the world.

First, you – our beloved Customers, are always the first priority.

Second, EuP is always looking for optimal solutions for Customers.

Third, we always actively contribute to the development of the society.




At EuP, product quality is always one of our greatest goals. Therefore, we have invested in our production line system with the most modern technologies gaining many certificates of quality management and environmental friendliness such as ISO 9001: 2008, 5S and ISO 14001.

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Human Resources

EuroPlas are top 5 plastic filler masterbatch manufacturer worldwide. Human resource is the key factor that brings EuP to the current position. Therefore, we are always ready to welcome qualified and enthusiastic candidates to join the company.

With the globalization trend, we are aware that competition is going to be stronger every day, so the company always has appropriate training policies to the staffs and employees through both domestic and foreign courses, so that each company’s member is always cultivated and promoted their abilities. In addition, the company’s compensation and welfare regime is built on the foundation of each member’s capacity.

For more information about the recruitment, please contact via email tuyendung@europlast.com.vn


Being in our team, you will be really PROUD by the products of a Vietnamese company that are present in more than 65 countries around the world and constantly expanding.


At EuP, your Research & Innovation skills are DEVELOPED constantly, because you will have access to various precious knowledge of this plastic industry.


Joining with us, you will have chances to LEARN & SHARE and we can become long-term sustainable companions.

Where to find us?

No. A66, Quarter A, Phuc Dien Ward, North Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

 (+84) 24 3201 0358

 (+84) 24 3251 0356