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Numerous Options

At EuP, you will have numerous master batch options as we offer a wide variety of plastic masterbatch including filler master batch, color master batch, additive master batch and compounds adapting various purposes in the any plastic-required industry.

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What is plastic masterbatch?

Plastic masterbatch is solid (sometimes in liquid) concentrated mixture which based mainly on the universal carrier – wax or a specific polymer and additives that are thoroughly mixed during the heating process which is cooled and cut into granules. Each pellet is industrially cut into the finest size of 3 x 3 (±0.3) mm and packaged properly into bags and containers. EuroPlas offer our beloved customers a wide range of multi-purpose products with world-class quality. Filler plastic master batch is our flagship products.

Color Masterbatch

Color masterbatch allows producers to color raw polymer while additive master batch and compounds we offer will be extremely useful in customizing various properties of other plastic materials, both in the most economically effective way during plastic manufacturing process.

We have more!

In order to improving properties of base calcium carbonate filler we develop a wide range of specialized additives and technical compounds utilizing for any purpose during the plastic processing.

EuP - The trustworthy plastic masterbatch supplier

EuP specializes in providing various types of calcium carbonate filler in plastic industry, ranging from calcium carbonate filler, color master batch, or technical plastic compound, etc. Our products are widely applied in various industries such as transportation, automotive, furniture producing, etc.

Over 10 years of experience, European calcium carbonate filler company received an approval to be one of the top 5 master batch plastic manufacturers worldwide with exploration permit for Hi-Cal quarry, high-tech supply chain, and serving manner.

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