EuroPlas filler masterbatch – The overview on a cost-effective solution

europlas filler masterbatch

Filler masterbatch is the common name of various plastic-based materials functioning mainly as the filler involving in the plastic products manufacturing. Filler masterbatch is considered as the most effective solution for saving costs of any plastic production. This is also the strategic product that EuP had aimed to develop and generate for many years. Here is the brief description of all types of filler masterbatches that we currently own.

What is Filler Masterbatch? What are its components and roles in plastic industry?

Filler masterbatch is the most common additive in any productions that contains plastic. Originally plastic products were generated only by primary plastics, however this way is extreme costly since the reverse of petroleum is dropping down dramatically. This led to the demand of finding an alternative material that can replace partly or completely the primary resins without affecting quality of the final products. Filler masterbatch is the invention serving this purpose. However, not only this need is satisfied but a wide range of other properties of the plastic are also positively modified. Consequently, manufacturers can save cost and increase their productivity and product’s quality at the same time. 

europlas filler masterbatch

Coated calcium carbonate filler masterbatch

Calcium carbonate is undoubtedly the most widely used filler masterbatch with a huge number of applications in many different industries. The calcium carbonate powder accounted for the vast majority of ingredients contributed to this type of masterbatch. Calcium carbonate is well known for its natural whiteness, high durability, good thermal and mechanical resistance, especially not containing toxic. With the possession of the supplying sources of input materials are limestone mines with abundant reserves and certified quality in Vietnam, EuP is confident in manufacturing and delivering high-class CaCO3 masterbatches to Customers around the world.

3 differerent choices of transparent filler masterbatch at EuP

Transparent masterbatch is basically filler masterbatch but instead of containing calcium carbonate, it consists of other inorganic/organic transparent powder. Thanks to different characteristics coming from different components, it achieves for better performance in several following aspects:

  • Enhanced transparency of plastics, especially polyolefin, LDPE and HDPE
  • Provided whiteness and brightness for the plastic products
  • Provided good dispersion, glossiness and smoothness which generally improved printability
  • Improved flexural fastness
  • Elongated durability by elevated the distortion temperature
  • Some can be used as optical brightener
  • Easily modified thus leading to the reduction in figuration period

Under the brandname EuroPlas, we have generated 3 types of transparent masterbatch including Talc masterbatch, Sodium Sulfate masterbatch and Barium Sulfate masterbatch. Let’s take a quick glance on these masterbatches.

transparent filler masterbatches

bio filler masterbatch eup

Responding the current environmental protection trend occurring worldwide, EuP established a new type of masterbatch call Biomates. This is a filler master batch but added with biodegradability. The new advanced property came from the bio carrier resin which originated from vegetables and can degrade after being used. Despite lacking the familiar plastic ingredients, bioplastic still has good durability, hardness and flexible malleability similarly to the ordinary masterbatches.